About Don Marchant

Don Marchant served as an Executive for one of America’s Fortune 100 Company’s prior to his entrepreneurial venture founding the Marchant Group. Don gained success through empowering others to greater levels of achievement, contribution and fulfillment that led to an environment fostering revenue growth that exceeded industry norms. Don has gained national recognition as a Certified National Sales Trainer, Speaker, and as a leading Lease-Financing Consultant.

Don continues his mission today by empowering Equipment Dealers with the ability to increase their sales through the most creative lease-financing options available.

Don has a passion for securing equipment financing for businesses, empowering them to live out the American Dream of entrepreneurial enterprise, and, or, providing a livelihood for others.

Don knows equipment dealers and their professional sales executives experience enough challenges without having to be challenged with credit approval too. His financial acumen gained as a senior executive, coupled with his unique selling and marketing skills have assisted many equipment dealers with increasing their sales while educating the customer on the many advantages of leasing.

At the same time, Don knows the challenges small to medium businesses face, whether it be a start-up, or fledging business trying to grow their business without the necessary equipment to do so. Don is committed to helping your business grow by providing you equipment financing in a quick and streamlined process.

For over 12 years we have provided financing tailored to individual businesses, assuring each transaction was designed with their specific needs met. Don’s expertise in the industry will assure you of the most creative options available. Don cuts through the red tape, helps conserves your capital, provides you with 100% financing with fixed payments that fit your budget.

Don will not only educate you as to the tax advantages of lease-financing, but also, the many additional advantages, such as protection from obsolescence, credit diversification, and protection from co-mingling finances.